What is Crewing?

What is Crewing?

Crewing on a Hot Air Balloon involves many different activities which can be done my people of many different capabilities.  Following is a summary of the different tasks crew people often perform:

Driving the vehicle – in many cases, that also involves backing a trailer.  The Driver is only supposed to drive the vehicle in a safe manner, observing all traffic regulations.

Navigating – knowing how to read a map and find your location on that map.  Also that involves finding out where the balloon may be on the map and the direction it is heading.

Spotter – Person or persons responsible for keeping the balloon’s location/direction in sight.

Communicating – communicating in clear and concise and brief  terms with the balloon pilot over a radio or in some cases a telephone.

Launch/Retrieval Duties – helping to lay out the balloon and packing it back up after the flight.  Usually, the more hands performing this task, the easier it is individually.

Crowd Control – helping to keep spectators out of harms way.

Specialized tasks – Usually reserved for experienced crew, however this is not rocket science, so a little verbal instruction is usually all that is required to fulfill these tasks under calm conditions.  These tasks include 1) Controlling the fan, 2) Holding the mouth of the balloon open, 3) Handling the Crown Line.

Some people have to perform multiple tasks.  In the case where the Driver needs to perform other duties, the Driver must pull out of traffic and stop in order to perform the alternate duty safely.

If you are interested in crewing a balloon please email Jana Dear at jana@cantontourism.com  or call Canton Tourism at 601-859-1307 for more information. Crew school will be held June 1st, 2017.

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