2017 Special Shape Balloons

flag balloon lighthouse-balloon shuttle-hot-air-balloon

2017 Feature Special Shape Balloons

We LOVE Special Shape Balloons at Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Fest! The Special shapes will be at the Canton Multi-Purpose Complex Saturday, July 1st. The special shapes for 2017 include:  America One, the U.S. Flag Balloon. America One is 53 feet tall, 78 feet wide and 29 feet from front to back! Flighthouse, the flying lighthouse is 115 feet tall, 53 feet wide and weighs 440 pounds!  Patriot, the Space Shuttle is 190 feet tall, 115 feet wide and weighs 992 pounds!  You can get a peek of these guys early on Friday morning on the field in front of Peco Foods on Feather Lane in Canton.


These Partners invite you to enjoy the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Fest